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The law firm FRAU RUFFINO VERNA was founded in April 2000 by Giovanni Frau, Francesco Ruffino and Francesca Verna in the footsteps of the tradition of the law firm of Prof Mario Casella and Associates, of which they had been part.

The size and philosophy of Frau Ruffino Verna is typical of those firms which provide a very personalized service to their clients, along with the technical excellence of leading Italian and international law firms.

The excellent experience consolidated in its legal practice over the years, together with that gleaned in the partners' previous professional experience, embraces a wide range of business sectors and the most complex aspects of negotiation, litigation and arbitration.

The firm is specialized in corporate law, as well as various aspects of civil law (inheritance, real estate). We offer high value transactional advice to clients operating in many fields and act on behalf of both listed companies and companies which are planning an IPO.

The firm's strength and depth of experience in mergers and acquisitions and real estate operations is considerable. We offer our clients, which include investment funds, our technical and commercial expertise and assist them in related financial operations and business developments.

The firm assist entrepreneurs and companies trough the recovery and business restructuring phases of crisis management and guides our clients through collective insolvency proceedings. For many years the firm has assisted Italian and foreign investors in composition with creditors to acquire the insolvent's assets.

The firm also has consolidated experience in acting on behalf of some of the most well known Italian fashion labels, private equity funds, industrial and financial groups active in real estate, textiles, and mechanical, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. We have long listing relationships with our clients both in Italy and abroad.

Our firm has dealt with a wide range of issues for real estate and large scale retail groups including acquisitions, construction and the development of retail parks in Italy and abroad.

Our client offering is enhanced by our alliance with leading firms and experts and we can provide advice and assistance in sectors other than those in which we are specialized.

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